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Digital X-Ray Equipment Compliance Inspections

Radiation Safety Compliance Testing is an essential part of delivering a safe digital X-ray experience for your patients and staff. In addition to registering your practice and setting up your reporting procedures for X-Ray Safety and Preventative Maintenance (SPM) Compliance Inspections, our technicians can ensure your practice stays up to date and compliant with safety regulations.

Schedule a Compliance Inspection

To set up your reporting or book your compliance inspection, contact the Uveo service centre at 800-361-3777 or contact us.

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The installation went smoothly and the training provided was very thorough. The system itself is very intuitive to use, provides high quality images and any challenges along the way have been addressed by Intriquip's support team in a timely manner.

~ Melissa and Evan Hunchak, Airport Animal Hospital
Regina, SK


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