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Medical and Veterinary Equipment Repair

Uveo X-ray equipment is durable and reliable, but if damage occurs by accident or as a result of standard wear and tear, you can trust our skilled technicians to get everything back in working order quickly and efficiently.

We offer medical and veterinary equipment repair services on all Uveo models, including our X-ray, dental X-ray and ultrasound equipment. In case of damage to your equipment, contact us immediately and we’ll ensure you get back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

Help! My X-Ray Equipment is Broken

If you need to schedule general or emergency repair services on your Uveo X-ray equipment, please call our repair team at 800-361-3777 or contact us.

Provide a superior patient experience with the latest technologies in X-ray and diagnostics. To find the perfect solution for your practice, book your complimentary consultation.

“The Jasper Vet Clinic recently purchased a new digital x-ray system including table and console from Intriquip. We are very pleased with the final outcome. All the staff were great to work with and any questions were dealt with promptly and cheerfully. We are particularly happy with the personal approach possible with a smaller, family run company. The system is working well and we are thrilled with the high quality of the x-rays and how easy it was to learn the new protocol.”

~ Dr. Janet Jones DVM, Jasper Veterinary Clinic
Jasper, AB


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