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X-Ray Equipment Maintenance

Preventative care is essential for maintaining the health of your patients, and the same can be said for your X-ray equipment. That’s why Uveo offers preventative maintenance services that help you preserve your Uveo hardware and software so you can deliver a high quality patient experience for the long term.

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in maintaining, repairing, cleaning and calibrating all of our X-ray and ultrasound systems and parts, and can ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance Services

Let us care for your medical and veterinary equipment so you can continue to provide excellent care for your patients. To book your maintenance services, please call our service centre at 800-361-3777 or contact us.

Provide a superior patient experience with the latest technologies in X-ray and diagnostics. To find the perfect solution for your practice, book your complimentary consultation.

When I call with a question they give me answers immediately, and I've always received excellent repair services when I need them.

~ Dr. Bonnie Brandt DVM, South Country Veterinary PC Inc
Assiniboia, SK


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