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Medical and Veterinary Equipment Training & Support

When you purchase Uveo premium medical and veterinary equipment, whether it’s our digital X-ray systems, dental X-rays or ultrasound equipment, you’re getting proven technology, cutting-edge design and user-friendly options. More than that, you also get the training and support you need to make the most of your investment and continue to deliver a superior patient experience.

Our knowledgeable consultants and technicians can provide thorough training for you and your staff, and our talented team is here for you should any questions or concerns arise while using your medical or veterinary equipment.

In addition to helping you plan spacing and electrical requirements and providing system assembly on-site, our consultants provide thorough training covering:

  • System startup procedure
  • Table and generator operation
  • X-ray technique selection and dose management
  • Regular maintenance
  • Image acquisition and review
  • Database navigation
  • Image markup and adjustment
  • Image exporting
  • Troubleshooting image quality issues
  • Setting up compliance testing registration and reporting

How Can We Help You?

If you want to inquire about training or have a question about your Uveo X-ray equipment, we are here to help. Contact our support team anytime at 800-361-3777 or contact us.

Provide a superior patient experience with the latest technologies in X-ray and diagnostics. To find the perfect solution for your practice, book your complimentary consultation.

The installation went smoothly and the training provided was very thorough. The system itself is very intuitive to use, provides high quality images and any challenges along the way have been addressed by Intriquip's support team in a timely manner.

~ Melissa and Evan Hunchak, Airport Animal Hospital
Regina, SK


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