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Uveo Veterinary Dental X-Ray Equipment

Incredible image detail every time from the most advanced technology in veterinary dental X-ray equipment.

All-Inclusive Features

Uveo offers two great digital dental X-ray systems for veterinarians. Both deliver crisp image quality and powerful diagnostics thanks to Metron’s industry-leading software, plus a high quality Corix Vet 70 Plus dental X-ray generator.

Features included on both Uveo dental X-ray models:

Metron-DVM for Companion Animals

Enjoy a complete dental X-ray solution including charts, positioning guides and 3-D models for client education.

Digital X-Ray Technology: Save money and boost productivity with the most advanced technology in veterinary dental X-ray processing – no cumbersome film developing required.

Three X-Ray Generator Options: Choose wall-mounted, mobile or portable according to your practice needs.

Which Dental X-Ray Equipment is Right For Your Practice?

If you’re not sure which Uveo model is best for your needs, our knowledgeable consultants can help you find the ideal mix of veterinary dental X-ray equipment for your practice. To book your complimentary consultation, call 800-361-3777 or contact us.

Provide a superior patient experience with the latest technologies in X-ray and diagnostics. To find the perfect solution for your practice, book your complimentary consultation.

We’ve been dealing with Intriquip for a number of years, most recently for the purchase of a digital x-ray system. They’ve always provided excellent service and equipment to us over the years.

~ Dr. William Frischke DVM, Central Veterinary Clinic
Ponoka, AB


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