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X-Ray, Dental X-Ray and Ultrasound Warranty Repairs

In cases where Uveo X-ray, dental X-ray or ultrasound equipment repairs fall under warranty coverage, our technicians are authorized to conduct the repairs. Our service centre is approved by the manufacturers of our quality medical and veterinary equipment systems and parts.

Whether we’re conducting warranty repairs, general veterinary equipment repair services, or preventative maintenance, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have your equipment back in working order as quickly as possible. Our goal is not only to help preserve the value of your equipment investment, but also ensure minimal disruption to your practice as repairs are completed.

I Need Warranty Repairs!

If you need to schedule warranty repair services on your Uveo X-ray equipment, please call our service centre at 800-361-3777 or contact us.

Provide a superior patient experience with the latest technologies in X-ray and diagnostics. To find the perfect solution for your practice, book your complimentary consultation.

When I call with a question they give me answers immediately, and I've always received excellent repair services when I need them.

~ Dr. Bonnie Brandt DVM, South Country Veterinary PC Inc
Assiniboia, SK


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